Project 2 – Research and Prep

So, we need to make a gig poster for a band. Real bands are recommended, for reasons that will be evident shortly.

First, the boring, grey awful rules as I understand them:

* The poster must feature manipulated text.

*the poster must include some hand-drawn element using physical media, rather than being drawn entirely in the computer. This physical element must then be scanned in, cleaned up, and traced with Illustrator.

Gig posters are made up of a graphic element designed to grab the viewer’s attention and interest, and text that conveys the necessary information of who’s playing, where and when. They tend toward simplified color, assumably to make printing cheaper and easier. Linework and forms are much more varied, from very simple to excruciatingly complex. The headliner’s name needs to be the dominant text element, with venue and other bands tying for second place, dates and other tertiary info crammed in wherever.

Before starting, I decided I wanted to know more about what makes a good gig poster, and about the philosophy behind the form. I came across a decent discussion on the subject, which can be found here:

…Lots of back and forth between a number of designers on what the posters are and what the philosophy behind them is. I don’t know if it’s helpful to most, but it certainly gave me some food for thought, particularly in the idea that your graphical elements should try to capture the feel of the music.

For style reference, it’s tough to beat a few best-of collections helped me see some of the best examples right off the bat.
50 amazing gig posters interview

In the end, what caught my eye was the work of Invisible Creature on His work uses a combination of complex linework and simple block color that really appeals to me. a few examples:
Brand New
Gatsby’s American Dream

Under Oath
Hard Fi
Kings of Leon
…The style I’d like to imitate is most likely the Kings of Leon and “Lumberjack” sasquatch festival posters.

I found a pair of tutorials that offered some interesting workflow for assembling the poster itself:

…and that’s it for now. Off to work.

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